Black Friday Haul<3

Did any of you go shopping on Black Friday? Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, the day after Thanksgiving where you can get tons of great deals and do your holiday shopping. Here are some pictures of what I bought on Black Friday! I went shopping with my cousin and we […]

New Contributor!

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that my cousin, who’s 14 is going to start doing some posts on my blog. She’s going to focus on haul videos because every time we see each other, we go to the mall! We are going shopping this friday for Black Friday and we’re so excited! […]

Contact me!

I just made an email for my site. It’s now listed in my profile. If you have ideas for posts, questions, or comments, please contact me! Oh and I might not post anything new for a few days because I am going to be really busy. I’m going to try to put something up though! […]