Great clothing stores for teens: Forever21

Forever21 is in most malls across the country and is online. It’s extremely inexpensive and they have tons of stuff, some of it is weird, but some of it is really cute. They also have great basics for under $5 like t-shirts, tank tops, and  leggings. You just have to be patient. Be careful not to buy too much stuff that you won’t ever wear, because even though the prices are great, it can add up.

Here are some great pieces I pulled off their website:


Top row left to right: cami for $2.50, long sleeve t-shirt for $4.80, leggings for $4.50, tank for $3.50

Bottom: striped top for $13.50

Fun, Trendy pieces:

Top Row: scarf for $10.80, headband for $5.80

Bottom: lace top for $14.90,  skirt for $16.50, jacket for $27.80, necklace for $6.80, cardigan for $29.00



2 thoughts on “Great clothing stores for teens: Forever21

  1. Hey! I recently discovered your site from a comment that you wrote on College Fashion and I love it! I’ll definitely be checking out this site more often. 🙂


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