Modern Day Style Icons: Olivia Palermo

Olivia’s style is chic and pulled together but also trendy and fun. She always looks great. Her look is good for a variety of ages to wear as well. I’m 15 and I would wear all of these looks even though she’s in her 20s.

Left to right: print blouse for $39, black shorts for $17.80, statement necklace for $9.80, strappy heels for $15

This is a fun and interesting look to wear to a semi-dressy event like a party or a dinner. It’s great for spring/summer or vacations when you need to dress up a little but don’t feel like putting on a dress.

Military Jacket for $29.99, Leggings for $6.90, belt for $7.80, sunglasses for $5.80, boots for $99

This is a cute casual look to wear to school or on the weekend. The military trend is big right now.

distressed jeans for $49.50, ankle boots for $50, Bag is out of stock! For a similar look, get the bag from look 2 (also from Forever 21), Black blouse for $44

This is casual but also pulled together so you could wear it anywhere from school to a casual party to shopping at the mall.


2 thoughts on “Modern Day Style Icons: Olivia Palermo

  1. 1) Cute, ahb-viously I’d wear a tank under the printed top (but I’m only 13…so duh!) The rest of the outfit is super cute!
    2) Love the jacket and jeans
    3) Love that casual look, I’d so wear it!

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