2 Great Drugstore skincare picks

First of all, being 15 I have acne prone skin like a lot of other teenagers do. I break out mostly in my t-zone and I’m oily there as well. I had been using proactiv for probably around 3 months, but it started to become way to harsh for my sensitive skin. It stung after I used the products. Then, a little while ago I bought the clinique 3 step system. I heard great things about it, but it was too harsh for my skin and just made it red and blotchy. I want to return it to sephora but I think I threw out the return slip. Does anyone have experience with the return policy at sephora? I heard you could return used items as long as it was within 60 days of the purchase. A few days ago, I went back to my cetaphil gentle cleanser and my cerave moisturizer and my skin is slowly getting back to normal. I am thinking of getting just a spot treatment for the acne. These two products are from the drugstore, are super gentle, and leave my skin softer and less sensitive. The cerave works great as a body lotion as well.




3 thoughts on “2 Great Drugstore skincare picks

  1. I actually use the Cetaphil cleanser that you have and at first it was a miracle! But now it doesn’t do anything. 😦 It’s really Clean & Clear’s Advantage Clear Spot Treatment (something like that!) that cleared up my face… it would be amazing if Cetaphil worked for me.


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