Cute gift Ideas $25 and under

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to think about shopping for everyone on your list. Here are some ideas for your friends, family, or whoever else.

Warm vanilla sugar set for $10, floral scarf for $24, grey tank for $5.50, pink pj bottoms for $5.80, makeup palette for $10, ballet slippers for $25, jeweled headband for $20, earrings for $2.80, body butter trio for $11


One thought on “Cute gift Ideas $25 and under

  1. Such a cute idea. I love it. The earrings and headband are so cute i cant believe that they are all under $25 thats like amazing, because of the low price and high quality these would be the best gifts for anyone. I think your blog is amazing. I check it every day and i am so excited to see what you will put up next, all the ideas are so original. I especially like the low prices. It seems reasonable i might go buy some of the stuff you put up there. I will tell everyone i know to check it out. I am so excited about this blog and you are inspiring me to try to come up with ideas to make my own blog. Love the blog and hope you continue forever 🙂

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