Sniff this: The Basics of Fragrance

I am obsessed with perfume and I have a lot that I’ve gotten as gifts over several years. I wear perfume often, but not every day. There are so many scents out there that it’s overwhelming to pick one out. Perfumes can be pricey, but there are also cheaper ones that are nice as well. Over the holidays, there are a lot of gift sets of perfumes, lotions etc. that are a much better value.

There are 3 main types of fragrance:

Perfume: comes in solid or liquid form, most expensive, smallest amount, strongest

You use less of this because it has the highest concentration of fragrance oils, making it stronger. Less is more!

You can sometimes find cute rings that have perfume solid inside!

Eau de Parfum: less expensive for the amount of product you get, less concentrated

Spritz one or two spritzes on your pulse points(neck, wrist etc).

Eau de Toilette: lightest, least expensive

This is a great option if you don’t want to spend as much and want a lighter, more natural fragrance.

Note: body splashes are also a good option if you want something cheaper and lighter.

Liquid Fragrances come in 3 main sizes:

1 oz, 1.7 oz, and 3.4 oz

This may vary from fragrance to fragrance.

Fragrances are usually:

Fresh, Floral, Oriental, or Woody. Go to for a good overview of this. It list a description of the different types. The basics:

There are usually perfumes, eau de perfumes, and eau de toilettes. Perfume has the highest concentration of fragrance oils and is the smallest and most expensive. You don’t wear a lot of this. Eau de Perfume is slightly less expensive and  not as strong. You can spritz maybe one or two spritzes of this without wearing too much perfume. Eau de toilette is the cheapest and least concentrated.

If you don’t want to spend a lot and you still want designer fragrances or if you want to try a lot of different fragrances, you can buy rollerball or mini versions of most perfumes. Some even have lip glosses on the end!

Rollerball Fragrances(All from

Tips: Save all of those free samples that you get from stores like sephora. I have around 100! They’re totally free and are a great way to try tons of new fragrances. Also, they’re great to travel with since you have to have something under 3 ounces or just to throw in your purse in case you want to freshen up.

Below: A picture of the jar that I keep all my samples in.

Make your own scented body lotion by taking an unscented lotion that you already have and spritzing it with your perfume!

If you need to put some perfume on quick rub your wrist against one of the tester fragrance ads in a magazine.

Where I like to buy my perfume:

I love Sephora because they have tons of fragrances from tons of different brands. Department stores are great too! For great smelling less expensive fragrance, I love Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s secret PINK. They also have a good selection and everything smells great. PINK will usually have body splashes(larger and even less concentrated version of eau de toilette) and lotions etc. for 5 for $25, which is a great. Bath and Body works and the Body Shop have great options as well.

Mid-priced fragrances:


The holidays are coming up and there are a lot of sets available at good deals from sephora and department stores. If you really want a more expensive fragrance, ask for it as a gift. That’s how I got mine.

Gift Sets:


Sephora has a scent sampler, which gives you a bunch of samples of their bestselling fragrances and comes with a voucher to buy one of the selected fragrances in the set. It’s a great idea for a gift since scents are personal. You choose whichever one you like best. It costs $50, which is reasonable for a high end fragrance.

Sephora’s Scent Sampler:


4 thoughts on “Sniff this: The Basics of Fragrance

  1. Hey – great post! I love perfumes and I like it when people smell good. I’m goig to bookmark this for future references when I actually start wearing scents, but this was amazing!


    -P.S. Need help with embeding Polyvore sets on your blog? Email me!

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