5 Films for Fashion Inspiration

I didn’t want to include the popular movies for inspiration like the Devil Wears Prada or Sex and the City because you can find that somewhere else. These are some of the unexpected picks. These aren’t in order, they’re just the top 5.

1) Marie Antoinette

I decided to watch this last year because I was studying the French Revolution. Kirsten Dunst stars in the movie. I think everything about the film accurately represented the oppulence and luxury of the royalty at the time. Marie’s fashions are outrageous pastels and ridiculously high hair but everything is really inspiring. You could definitely tone it down a notch and work these looks into your own style.

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2) Legally Blonde

I’m sure a lot of people would disagree, but I think everyone can weave a little bit of Elle Woods into their style! She is the ultimate girly girl and she is often over the top, but you can take it down a notch. Example: Wear a pink top and keep everything else simple instead of wearing pink head to toe.

3) 500 Days of Summer:

Summer has a retro, feminine style that is trendy right now. Her outfits are unique and interesting.

4) The Proposal:

Sandra Bullock’s style in this movie is pulled together, chic, and classic. Everything she wears in the movie is flawless.

5) Leap year
A lot of people probably haven’t seen this one, but Amy Adams’ character has great uptown chic style. Everything she wears in the movie could be worn by teens.


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