What you need on your Bathroom Counter!

Are you just starting out buying makeup and beauty products? Wondering what you should get? Then look no further!

Note: Just because I’m saying you should have these things doesn’t mean you have to go out and get them. This is just what I think everyone should have, but if you aren’t into wearing a lot of makeup or using a lot of skincare or hair products, modify this list to suit your needs.

I’ve written a D for drugstore, an S for sephora, an M for MAC, and a F for folica.com in front of the products so you know where to buy them!


Skincare: keep it simple!

My pick: D –Cetaphil gentle cleanser for all skin types
My pick: D-Neutrogena alcohol free toner
Moisturizer with spf(wear this every day of the year to protect against sun damage)
My pick: D-Aveeno Positively radiant spf 30 lotion and Cerave for night(no spf)
-an Exfoliant to use once a week
My pick: D-Biore unclog scrub
Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair type
My pick: D-Pantene active naturals
Heat protection serum or spray to use before straightening, blow drying, or curling hair
My pick: D-John Frieda Thermal Protection Serum
Flat iron
My pick: F-Chi flat iron
Although I have very straight hair, if I really want to seal in my look or make it super straight, I’ll use this and it works great for me!
Curling iron
My pick: F-Hot tools 1 1/2 inch ceramic iron(Gets great reviews and is less than $30, I’m asking for it for christmas)
Ionic hair dryer(dries your hair faster with less damage)
My picks:
Splurge: S-T3 featherweight
This is really expensive for $200, but honestly it is by far the best blow dryer I have ever used. It dries my hair fast and doesn’t damage it. I love it!
Steal: D-Conair ionic
I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard it’s really good. It’s again, an ionic blow dryer, so it should cause less damage and dry hair faster.
Hairspray(sets any style)
My pick: D-L’oreale Elnett Satin
This just came to the U.S. a year or so ago and it’s amazing! Great hold, but still looks natural. I don’t like the smell at all, but it disappears after a few minutes.
Mousse(for a little volume)
I feel like any mousse will work the same, so use whatever you have or is cheapest.
Deep conditioner
My pick: D-Neutrogena tiple moisture deep recovery mask
Brushes(very important!! they allow you to be more precise and make your makeup look better)
My pick: Sigma Makeup Brush set
Neutral eye shadows(champagne for the highlight, beige/honey for the lid, and chocolate for the crease)
My pick: D-Revlon not just nudes for creme shadows or MAC shadows in vanilla, honey lust, and satin taupe
Blush in a color that compliments your skin tone(can be powder, cream, or a stain)
My picks: S-Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for creme(use it for cheeks and lips, can be layered under or over powder blush), S-NARS orgasm blush for powder(the perfect pinky peach to give you that glow), S-Tarte Cheek stain for gel(I am asking for this for christmas but I’ve never tried it)
Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer to even out your skin tone
My pick: S-Clinique Even Better Foundation, S-MAC mineralize skinfinish natural, D-Cover Girl Aqua smooth tinted moisturizer
My pick:
Concealer to cover up dark circles or blemishes (you may need one for under your eyes and one for blemishes)
M-MAC studio finish for underye and blemishes, S-Murad acne concealer for blemishes, S-YSL touche eclat for under the eyes(you can also use it to highlight your brow and cheek bones)
Bronzer to give you a sunny glow(get a matte one for a more natural look)
My pick: S-NARS Laguna Bronzer
Lip balm
My pick: D-Nivea kiss of moisture
Lip gloss in clear and pink or peach
My pick: M-MAC lustreglass in Love nectar(AMAZING! my first MAC lip gloss, perfect pinky peach, smells like vanilla, long lasting), Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses(smell, look, and feel nice), Philosophy Kiss gloss in S’mores(smells and tastes like S’mores! Great to layer over a lipstick)
Lipstick in a pale pink color(not necessary but very useful) (put your clear gloss over it to get a glossy look that lasts longer)
My pick: D-L’oreal Paris color riche in Pink Lady(natural, pretty pink color, smooth on lips)
Mascara(even if your natural lashes are great mascara brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger)
My picks: S-Lancome Hypnose, Estee Lauder sumptuous, D-L’oreal Telescopic
Black or Brown eye liner( pencil, gel, or liquid) (I prefer gel because it lasts longer than pencil and is easier to apply than liquid)
My pick: M-MAC fluidline(gel)
You can find gel or creme eyeliner at the drugstore as well(Maybelline, L’oreal HIP)
– optional: you may want to get a makeup palette so you can experiment with different colors!
My Pick: Coastal Scents 88 ultra shimmer palette
This is also on my christmas list! It has 88 eyeshadows and they are supposed to be really good quality(pigmented). Another pick: Stila traveling palettes(Moscow, Tokyo, USA, Paris) These are selling out quickly because they are only $10 and contain a lip and cheek color as well as 4 eye shadows!

2 thoughts on “What you need on your Bathroom Counter!

  1. What a thorough list! You have some great picks on here and I’m interested in trying some of these products out as I continue to explore makeup. I like how your differentiated between Drugstore, MAC, and so forth. Right now I am also using the cetaphil cleanser. Although it indeed is very gentle, I don’t think it really cleans too well and definitely doesnt remove makeup. I’ve been trying African black soap from eBay that another blogger introduced me to…scentless, pretty gentle, but gets skin squeaky clean.

    Thank you so much for the shoutout and listing me amongst your favorite blogs. For a 15 year old you have started a very professional looking blog. Keep writing about what you are interested in and passionate about!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve never heard of African black soap, it sounds really interesting! I agree, I like that cetaphil doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, but I hate that it doesn’t remove makeup or clean very well. I might go back to purpose cleanser because I think that cleans and removes makeup but is also very gentle.

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