Petite Fashion Challenge #4: Holiday Look

You may be wondering what a petite fashion challenge is? Well each month, a petite fashion blogger posts a challenge for you to do. This month it’s to create a holiday look with holiday colors etc. while still looking fashionable. Click on the petite fashion icon to see Pears and Curls’ original post.

Petite Fashion Challenge

For the look, I’ve incorporated holiday colors(red, green, gold) into a chic ensemble that you could wear to a party or dinner.
Petite Fashion Challenge by fashionforteensblog featuring a pencil skirt

Ponte Pencil Skirt
$27 –
Pencil skirt »

Michael Antonio Keme Pumps
$59 –
Peep toes shoes »


6 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Challenge #4: Holiday Look

  1. I am glad I found your blog. I teach high school and I often find myself asking “what were these girls thinking” when I see what they are wearing. Now I can get some inside information from a real teenager.

    I like your choices. These look nice without looking slutty. So many of the girls at my school think a sequined micromini and a low cut tank top is “festive”. You need to come talk to them about fashion.

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