Modern Day Fashion Icons: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is truly a modern day icon, especially for teenage girls. She became famous from Laguna Beach when she was only in high school after all. Lauren has been on hit reality show the Hills as well and has a new show coming up. She has written 3 novels (LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies, and Sugar and Spice) and one fashion book called Lauren Conrad Style. Lauren has her own fashion line for kohl’s and used to have a higher end line. She attended fashion school at FIDM in LA. Lauren was spokesperson for Mark cosmetics(she may still be but I think now it’s Ashley Greene). Lauren Conrad is known for her california casual yet sophisticated and feminine style. Her hair and makeup is effortlessly pretty(she’s the one who started the braids trend a couple of years ago!). I am a huge fan of Lauren and try to emulate her style myself. (She has won in both of the polls I have done about style by the way, so I think you like her too!)

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad by fashionforteensblog featuring sandals

Get the look for less:

Femme Gingham Shirt
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Get Lauren’s Makeup Look: Everything under $10!
Lauren’s makeup is natural and pretty. She has a bronzed, california beach bunny glow. She likes to wear neutral colors for eyeshadows like gold and brown. On her lips, she often wears a light pink gloss. Lauren wears black eyeliner and mascara to bring out her eyes. All of the products below are under $10 and are from either Mark or the drugstore.Get drugstore products at or your local Walgreens, CVS, target, Walmart etc.  You can go to to buy the Mark products. The products I’ve included got a good rating on beauty websites.
How to:
Face: Use whatever foundation and concealer you normally use as a base. Then, apply bronzer in a 3 shape by dusting it along your temples and around the hollows of your cheeks, down to your jawline with a fluffy brush. Next, using your fingers, the light pink cheek color(left) on your apples using your fingers. Dot highlighter on your cheekbone and blend in with your fingers.
Eyes: Apply a shadow base if you have one(MAC paint pot, Urban Decay primer potion etc.). Then, dust the gold shadow over your lid using a shadow brush. Dot the highlighter that you used on your cheeks on the inner corners of the eyes and on your brow bone and blend in with your fingers. Using a crease brush(Sigma makes a great one) or your normal eyeshadow brush, dust the brown eyeshadow in your crease. Blend everything together and use a light hand. You want to look natural. For the eyeliner, use the brush that comes with the liner to carefully line your upper lashline. Tip: look down into a mirror to see your full lashline and rest your elbow on something for a steady hand. Make a thin line as close to your lashes as possible. Wing it out slightly at the end. Lastly, apply 2 coats of black mascara.
Lips: Apply lip gloss!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer, Sun Bronze
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Avon Shop – Products
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$11 –
Get Lauren’s hair look:
Lauren is known for her long blond locks. She usually either curls or straightens her hair to make it wavy or pin straight. She often braids or pins back the top section.
Get the Wavy look above:
All of the hair products can be purchased for!
Using a 1-2 inch barrel curling iron like the one by Hot Tools, curl the hair by winding it almost to the top but not all the way. Then, spray hair with hairspray but go easy as you want this to be a loose, soft look not stiff and crunchy. Then, part hair down the middle and take about a 1 inch section on each side and pull back with a clip or by crossing two bobby pins over the hair.
See Juicystar07’s youtube video for tips on getting loose waves here:
Get the staight look:
Apply a heat protecting serum or spray. Then straighten hair until pin straight. Part hair on the side. Slide a bobby pin through the side that the hair is parted on near the temple and secure.
That’s it! Now you can get Lauren’s clothing, makeup, and hair looks for less!
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