Social Networking!

Follow me on Twitter: I just made a twitter yesterday! It’s called fashteensblog(I wanted to call it fashionforteens but that was unavailable). I’ll be tweeting about my blog/life.

Like the Fashionforteens page on Facebook!: Fashionforteens is on facebook! I’ll be posting updates etc.

Email me!: I would love to hear from you all! I created an email for my blog it’s Email me suggestions for future posts or if you have any questions about anything or just want to say hi.

The Comments Section:

A great way to contact me! Just post a comment on your thoughts about a post of mine. I will get back to you! You can also have a discussion with other readers as well as myself through the comments section, so please comment!:)


Please subscribe to my blog. You’ll make me sooooo happy!:) You’ll also be sent email updates whenever I write a new post.

Random stuff:

Blog Toplist: This isn’t social networking but it’s technology related to my blog. I thought I would let you guys know that about a little over a week ago I submitted my blog to this thing called a blog toplist. Basically, you can vote to put my blog higher on the toplist so more people will be able to find it(please do this it would really help!). All you have to do is go back to my post called Blog Toplist(I think it’s something like that) and click on the button that says vote. See my post here.

I have been submitting a lot of my posts to so people can find my blog! You can submit my posts to too(it’s free and easy to do). This will get the word out.


Again, not social networking but a cool new feature I recently added to my blog. If you read other blogs or have your own blog, I’m sure you are familiar with blogrolls. Basically, it’s that list in my sidebar with links of different blogs and youtube channels! These are my favorite blogs and youtube beauty gurus. Check them out! Send me an email with your url or post it in the comments section and you may just end up on my blogroll!


As you may have figured out, I include polyvore sets in basically all of my sets. Polyvore is a free site that lets you clip items from the internet and make layouts with them. It automatically links the items, so if you’re a blogger, polyvore is a great option since it takes a lot of the work out for you. It’s also really fun, so even if you aren’t a blogger you should check it out.

Fabsugar Blog:

Not really sure what this is but I made a blog on Fabsugar(a fashion blog) and just wrote in my info and linked this blog. Follow me on fabsugar!

So now you know how to contact me and what sites and features I’m using. Please spread the word about my blog! Tell your friends, family etc. about it! I am just starting out so I really need to get the word out there. I want to thank all of you for reading my blog though, because I would be no where without all of you. I really appreciate it.



3 thoughts on “Social Networking!

  1. Sorry! None of these links are working. I’m not sure why. You can still find me though for polyvore just go to one of my posts(ex. Lauren Conrad) that I used a polyvore set in and it will have a link from there. For twitter and facebook, you can go on twitter or facebook and search fashteensblog for twitter and fashionforteens for facebook.

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