Shop once, Wear Tons!

I like to feature a lot of inexpensive items so you can look chic on the cheap. In this post, I’m going to be sticking with the theme of getting the most bang for your buck. Here, you’ll learn how to wear one piece(a black blazer) 4 different ways.

The Blazer: A classic black blazer from Aqua at Bloomingdale’s for $70.

Here’s how to wear it:

Casual Chic for school or the weekends: Add some polish to casual jeans and a plain white T by pairing it with the blazer and a pair of leopard ballet flats.

Old Navy Women’s V-Neck Tees
$7.50 –
V neck tee »

Girly: If you like more feminine, flirty styles pair your blazer with a belted floral dress, oxford booties, and turquoise earrings.

Nine West Trixxy Boots
$90 –
High heels boots »

Long Stone With Fringe by K Amato, K Amato Jewelry
$44 –
Cozy it up: Wrap up in a chunky scarf and loose sweater. Wear cable knit leggings, your blazer, and boots.

Basic Knit Leggings
$9.80 –
Knit leggings »

Aerosoles Ride Line High Boots
$80 –
Aerosoles boots »

For a fun night out: Pair your blazer with a jewel toned dress and edgy black accessories.

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