All about Fashion Magazines

I am absolutely obsessed with fashion magazines! I subscribe to a bunch of different ones and I excitedly pour through each issue. Magazines are fun, offer helpful tips, have tons of celebrities in them, and are overall entertaining for just about anyone to read.

On a side note, my dream job is to be an editor for a fashion magazine. I’m thinking of majoring in journalism or even magazine journalism in college and I want to take summer or spring classes at F.I.T. I also want to attend Teen Vogue’s Fashion U. Every year, in October they have designers,makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists, magazine editors etc. that are really famous. Tell me if you’ve attended or if you know anything about it!

My subscriptions:


One of my faves, Instyle is really fun and has tons of celeb looks for less. It also has updates on all the trends and has a great beauty section. I have been reading Instyle since I was like 10. Some of their stuff is expensive, but it’s great for ideas. They do have a lot of reasonably priced items as well.


Everything you need if you’re a beauty junkie like me! Allure covers the latest in beauty news, treatments, and products. My favorite is their prestigious Best of Beauty October issue where the editors at Allure test thousands of products for months until they find the best! I’ve tried a lot of products that were featured in the issue and have liked them all.

People Style Watch

Great inexpensive items! I love that I can actually afford most of the things in the magazine. This is where I look for clothes that I would actually wear/buy. I love their do or don’t (hair and fashion) sections. People Style Watch isn’t necessarily high fashion, but I love it nonetheless!


The ultimate, Vogue is the fashion bible. Anna Wintour is the editor in chief after all. The September Issue anyone? Vogue really is the best for fashion inspiration, but don’t expect to be able to afford anything in the magazine. Their shoots are truly magnificent though(thanks to creative director Grace Coddington) and I feel that the magazine lives up to all of its hype. Nothing beats their giant September Issue!

Teen Vogue

Vogue’s little sister magazine is another good source for inspiration. I have to say though, I’m really not that much of a Teen Vogue fan. I just don’t feel like their shoots are even close to as good as Vogue’s and their clothes are almost as expensive.To its credit though, Teen Vogue does have some really great articles and I do like some of their stuff.  It’s not a must have for me but I do like to have it.

Note: The Teen Vogue Handbook(the one about careers in fashion) is amazing! I wouldn’t know anything about how to break into the industry if it wasn’t for that book! If you are an aspiring designer, stylist, editor, photographer, hair stylist, or makeup artist this book is a must have!


I got this for a year because it was only $5. I like their articles and trend reports but everything is super expensive and I don’t think their shoots are as good as Vogue’s. I absolutely HATE when they do spreads on cheap fashions that say “Everything under $500”! $500 is not by any means cheap! Maybe if you only buy couture, but even celebrities now are mixing high and low priced clothing. I am not going to be getting this again but I will probably pick it up from time to time.



I actually really like Glamour for their fashion and beauty. They have awesome tips and everything is wearable(and reasonably priced), plus their Do’s and Don’ts section is hilarious. I don’t think Glamour is particularly age appropriate(I’m 15), so if you’re younger than me I might not recommend subscribing. I like to pick Glamour up at the newsstand from time to time though.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire has good fashion and beauty sections as well and is similar to Glamour. Again, not necessarily age appropriate if you’re young. I think Glamour is more fun and entertaining and I like their fashions better.


I am not a fan of Lucky. I personally don’t like any of the clothes in the magazine. I’m n ot sure why, but I just don’t.


I think seventeen is good if you want an overall teen magazine. I don’t love it for fashion or beauty but it is pretty good. Overall a good magazine though.

Here’s what I would recommend getting:

Don’t think you by any means have to go get all of these. Maybe pick just one or two.

-People Style Watch




Hope you liked this post! Comment below if you have read any of these!


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