Cute stuff from…Target, Kohl’s,Walmart,Kmart and Jcpenney?!

Since I’m all about cute and cheap finds, I thought I would venture into another category…discount stores(that’s right!). I picked items from more fashionable places like target and Kohl’s as well as items from the “unfashionable” walmart and kmart and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. There were some really great things from each store and I was blown away by the selection at walmart. I expected absolutely nothing from the store and found some cute stuff for almost nothing. Run to your nearest Target, Walmart, Kmart, Jcpenney or Kohl’s now!

Note: Click on each of the polyvore sets to see them up close! They come in really small.

First up… Target:

Target is known to have great stuff for cheap. They have their ever popular GO international for Target collections every month with designers from Alexander McQueen to Mulberry that have participated. Next up is William Rast(Justin Timberlake cofounded the brand!) for great rocker chic inspired pieces. Aside from their GO international stuff though, target has a great juniors section. I think it’s actually best for their beauty products though with higher end lines like Sonia Kasuk,Pixi,NP set, and JK Jemma Kidd, Fekkai, Kimble, Chi, Ted Gibson etc. in addition to Elf(almost everything is just a buck) and all of your favorite drugstore brands.
Target was probably my favorite!

Pixi Wakeup Kit : Target
$29 –

$28 –

$17 –

Sonia Kashuk
$9.99 –

$17 –

$22 –

Kashuk Tools
$15 –

Pixi Lip Booster Library : Target
$25 –

With lines like LC Lauren Conrad and Simply Vera Vera Wang, Kohl’s in bound to impress on the fashion end. Simply Vera had some really pretty jewelry. Like target, Kohl’s also has a great juniors section with exclusive brands like SO and Candie’s. Lastly, Kohl’s FLIRT! brand of makeup is adorable and really good quality.

A lot of people think of Walmart as low class and super cheap. That’s why I was really surprised to find great clothing items from their Norma Kamali and Miley Cyrus and Max Azria lines. The clothes were really pretty and even sophisticated. As for beauty, walmart has all of your favorite drugstore brands but it also has Hard Candy. The packaging on Hard Candy products is so cute and the products are high quality. Hard candy makeup used to be sold at sephora. Apparel: Juniors
$12 –
Max Azria »

I was also pleasantly surprised with Kmart’s clothes. The Dream out Loud line by Selena Gomez was really cute. I especially love the infinity scarf(a scarf that’s a big circle that you just pull over your head) and the blue coat! Their BOGO line is also great. Kmart has a line of jeans called Glojeans that make cute jeggings and jeans for about $20. I didn’t really check out their beauty products but I did find an ecotools brush set, which is really nice. Ecotools are only sold at some places and they have really high quality, soft brushes.

Jcpenney was another store that I was very impressed with. As for fashion, JCP had great lines by Olsenboye(Mary Kate and Ashley) and MNG by Mango. The clothes were very stylish. MNG had chic dresses, skirts and tops(and is more expensive) while Olsenboye had a younger, almost edgier feel. Olsenboye also had really cute shoes! Another great thing about Jcpenney is that they have mini Sephora stores inside of them! Since I’m obsessed with Sephora, that was a really big for me. Although not everything from sephora is cheap, they have an amazing selection of really high quality products, great gifts, and some less expensive things.

Top 2 rows: All Olsenboye for Jcpenney.

3rd row left to right: pumps by Olsenboye, dress and top by MNG

4th row: All MNG by Mango for Jcpenney

5th and 6th rows: All from Sephora


Don’t overlook shopping at discount stores for fashionable and inexpensive clothes. You can get some really great deals and some amazing things!


1)Make sure you check the quality of the item before you buy it.(Feel the fabric, try it on) to make sure you don’t end up with something that will fall apart. You should do this for ALL clothing items though, not just cheaper ones, since expensive doesn’t always mean better.

2) Shopping online is a good idea since they have a much bigger selection in some cases( I especially noticed this with walmart).

3) Be on the lookout for designer collaborations but don’t just buy it because it’s a brand name.

4) Have fun and shop often as things often move in and out fast!


2 thoughts on “Cute stuff from…Target, Kohl’s,Walmart,Kmart and Jcpenney?!

  1. I’m very impressed with you, Liz! I love how you used stuff from cheaper brands, and how they are all very cute. I don’t have any of those stores where I live except for Walmart, but all of these clothes and other stuff you picked out are very cute and amazing! 🙂


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