Quick and easy Holiday Hair and Makeup looks!

The holidays are upon us and you may have already had some parties to go to. This post is about getting gorgeous hair and makeup looks that are easy to do. They’re just in time for those of you who celebrate Christmas and for New Year’s Eve!



How to:

1) Part your hair to the side.

2) Pull hair back into a midlength ponytail.

3) Pul out sections on both sides in the front.

4) Secure ponytail with elastic.

5) Twist the tail into a bun and pin it up with bobby pins.

6) Spray hair with a little hairspray. Don’t use a lot or it could look too stiff.

Dressed up Ponytail:

For the exact look in the picture, you have to have bangs, but you can get a similar look without them.

1) Gently tease hair(brush top section back with a comb).

2) Take the middle of the back section(where you want to create the bump) and tease. Then, spray with hairspray underneath.

3) Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

4) Gently push up on the elastic to make the bump.

5) Wrap a small section of hair from the tail around your elastic. Pin to elastic with a bobby pin.

Watch makeupbytiffanyd’s video on how to get a bumped ponytail here.

Half Up:

Note: You need bangs for this one.

1) Style hair the way you normally would(either blow dry, curl, or straighten).

2) Make a side part with on your bangs and spray with hairspray.

3) Take the top section of hair and tease. Then, spray hairspray underneath.


Super easy smoky eyes:

Kim is known for her gorgeous smoky eyes. Keep reading to find out how to get the look.

Products to use:


1) Pat a little concealer or shadow base all over your lid.

2) Using a fluffy shadow brush, dust the silver color over the lid.

3) Using a crease brush, apply the black to the outer corner and blend it in towards the inner corner.

4) Apply white shadow to inner corner and under the brow bone.

5) Using a fluffy blending brush, blend all of the shadow together so there aren’t any harsh edges.

6) Apply gel liner using a brush to the upper lash line. Then, apply black eye shadow over line and blend the line out a little. Line waterline(lower inner rim) with khol or pencil liner.

7) Apply 3 coats of black mascara.

Flawless Red Lips:

Another classic, especially for the holidays red lips are about as glamorous as you can get.

Products to use:

1) Line lips with red lip liner. Then, fill lips in with the liner.

2) Using a lip brush(for a more precise application), apply lipstick to lips.

3) Using a concealer that matches your skin tone, outline lips outside of liner. Then, blend it in. Don’t use a lot of concealer. This step will make sure that your lipstick doesn’t feather.

Watch juicystar07’s video on how to get perfect red lips here.

Natural Look with a Pop of Color:

Keep your face natural and apply a wash of purple to your eyes.

1) Apply concealer or shadow base to the lid.

2) Using a fluffy shadow brush, dust a small amount of the gold color to the lid.

3) Using a liner brush(flat), apply the purple shadow to the upper lash line. Blend well. Then, apply the same color to the lower lash line. Be sure to blend it in to create a soft look. Take the purple up and out a little bit to create a wing.

That’s all for now! Hope you try some of these in time for the holidays!


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