Best Fashion Books

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love fashion books! I buy them all the time. I have like 10, which is a lot since I just started getting them recently and they’re kind of expensive. They have great advice and are kind of like fashion magazines. Oh and these aren’t really in any particular order.

Here’s a review of mine:

1) Victoria Beckham That Extra Half an Inch: The Hair, the Heels, and everything in Between

Probably my favorite! I wasn’t really expecting much from this but it was amazing. I love Victoria’s style already and she gives great advice about everything, from finding the best pair of jeans for your body to a list on what to pack for a beach vacation or ski vacation. There are a bunch of different sections(pants/jeans, dresses, tops, makeup, traveling, perfume etc.). The book is also really fun to read and entertaining. I keep reaching for it and re-reading it even though I got it last year. Would definitely recommend it!

2) Lauren Conrad Style

Another celebrity fashion book. I’m sure you know that I love Lauren Conrad by now! You seem to love her too(my Modern Day Fashion Icons post on her is one of my most read posts!) Her book doesn’t dissapoint. I just got it for christmas, so I haven’t read that much of it but it seems similar to the Victoria Beckham book, but maybe more suited to teens. Lauren gives her advice on fashion and makeup and includes a list of the “basics” that everyone should own. Her advice is really practical and there are tons of pictures in the book of gorgeous bags, shoes(my favorite!), and clothing items.

3) Harper’s Bazaar Guide to Great Style

This is from the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The book isn’t really geared towards teens at all, so a lot of it might not be useful. There is more of a focus on building a work wardrobe or classic picks like a trench coat, suit, or white blouse. There still is good advice on how to dress for your figure and there are guides to different celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Gweneth Paltrow, which I liked.

4) In style Style 101

This one was my first fashion book and I still read it all the time. It’s a how to book and there are tons of tips like how to get the perfect red lip or smokey eye or how to care for your handbag or what to pack on vacation. Whenever I need to know how to do something fashion, beauty, or even home related, I turn to this.

5) Christian Siriano Fierce Style

This one is a really fun one! Christian from Project Runway just makes me laugh. I love all of his coined words like feirce, ferosh, and hot tranny mess. Besides from being really entertaining, christian does have some great advice. My favorite part of the book is his list of stores to shop at if you’re on a budget. He provides a description of each store and what to buy there.

6) The Teen Vogue Handbook

This one is a little different. It’s a guide to careers in fashion. Since I want to be an editor for a fashion magazine when I’m older, this was really helpful. If you want to be a designer, photographer, editor for a fashion magazine, hairstylist, makeup artist, or fashion stylist and aren’t sure how to break into the buisiness, you have to pick this up. There are tons of useful tips and there’s even a section on fashion schools in the back.

7) Tim Gunn

I love Tim Gunn from Project Runway, so I decided to pick up his book. It got great reviews, but for some reason, I didn’t really like it that much. First off, there weren’t any pictures really, so you don’t really have any examples of what he’s talking about. Also, I just didn’t really think his advice applied to me. It was more general and just not that helpful. I still love Tim though!

8) The Pocket Stylist

This was a really great book. If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to flatter your specific body type, you’ve really go to buy this book. Kendall Farr gives in depth descriptions of each body type and what works and what doesn’t. There’s also helpful tips on how to shop smart. Overall, I would highly recommend!

9)The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia T


Can you see a trend here? Three books from project runway! One from a contestant(Christian) and two judges! I really do love that show! I thought this was a really good book. There was a lot on Nina’s life, which I found interesting, some info on the history of different clothing items and helpful advice on what you need in your closet.

I thought I had 10, guess there were only 9! Overall, I would say if you could only buy one or two, buy either the Victoria Beckham one or Lauren Conrad one and then buy the Instyle one or the pocket style guide. Anyway, I want to know: Have you read any of these? Did you like them? What are your favorite fashion books? Any recommendations?

Oh, and you can get all of these at or at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders!



4 thoughts on “Best Fashion Books

  1. Nice to see The Pocket Stylist getting some love! Love that book! I’ve been curious about that Nina Garcia book, and never would have thought about the Victoria Beckham one. I’ll check it out next time I’m at the bookstore.

    • Yeah, I do love the Pocket Stylist and the Victoria Beckham one. I wouldn’t have picked it up but I saw that it got really good reviews, so I gave it a try. I would recommend the Nina Garcia one too!

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