Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed!

Hey everyone,

So I don’t know if you watched, but the Golden Globes were Sunday. I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m doing this post today because I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, just the Fashion Police last night lol. I absolutely love that show and look forward to it every year. Anyways, I’m going to pick my favorites and least favorites.

On fashion police, they love Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie and hated Michelle Williams. Here are my picks:

First Up, My favorites:

Anne Hathaway I loved her sparkly dress. It was a simple cut with a puff detail on the shoulders(are 80s shoulders back again?). The color looked great on her and the style was really flattering. Even with a simpler cut, Anne wowed. I always love her on the red carpet!

Angelina Jolie looked stunning as always in a sparkly Emerald green number. Her dress is almost similar to Anne’s in that it’s shimmery with a simple cut, long sleeves, and again, that 80s shoulder. I can’t get over how amazing the green looked on her!

Mila Kunis wore the same color as Angelina Jolie. She also looked gorgeous in the emerald green. The cut of her dress was fab too. The sweetheart neckline and draping were really flattering.

Catherine Zeta Jones also wore emerald! I’m seeing a major trend here. She looked gorgeous as well. I think emerald looks amazing on girls with dark hair and paler skin. The cut of her dress was different though. It was puffy and almost reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind(in a good way of course!). I love this dress!

Eva Longoria was in black and was one of the only ones. She looked absolutely amazing though with the cap sleeves and neckline. I think she looked like either Anne Hathaway or Audrey Hepburn with her updo and gown. Tres chic!

Diana Agron chose a pale nude dress. I loved the color(nude is another trend that I’m seeing). She looked glamorous. Oh and I loved the red lip to break up the nude.

Emma Stone looked fabulous in that pinky, apricot color. I loved her as a blonde too! I don’t know if you are gonna agree with me on this one but I thought she looked amazing! Pinks, nudes and emerald were the major color trends this time. Emma’s dress was Calvin Klein and was very simple and minimalist like his line. I think simple was the way to go with a bold color.

January Jones looked great in her bold red dress. I loved the dress overall, but thought it was a little too revealing at the top. Otherwise though, her hair and makeup were great too. Love the red lip on her and the old hollywood glam curls.

Olivia Wilde

I forgot to include this one at first, but I really did love it. It reminded me of a princess dress. Wouldn’t every girl want to wear this sparkly, poufy number? Love it! Oh, but I’m not sure about the hair. I don’t like it with the dress. It just looks too heavy for me.

Hailee Steinfeld

Can’t believe I forgot to add her in! The 14 year old True Grit actress looked gorgeous! I loved her dress, it was completely age appropriate but was also red carpet worthy and stunning! Also, her ponytail is the sleekest ponytail I have ever seen! Love!

And now for the worst…

Michelle Williams

I normally love her and her quirky style! I was so disappointed this time though. The daisies just looked cheesy and childish on her red carpet dress. I just hated it and thought is was completely inappropriate for the occasion. Glam it up!

Leighton Meester

Again, I absolutely love Leighton’s personal style and her character Blair on Gossip Girl of course! However, I thought she looked drab in the pale dress.  I also wasn’t fond of the sleeves. Love those shoes though!

Jennifer Lopez

I just don’t get this dress. I think it looks horrible on her and she is gorgeous! Hate the blingy white! I also hate her eye shadow, way, way too frosty!

Halle Berry

Again, Halle is stunning. I can’t believe she’s in her 40s. She looks good in whatever she wears, but I did not like this at all. The super short dress with the sheer skirted part over it looked trashy and just bizarre. I love her short haircut though!

Helena Bonham Carter

I just don’t get this. I don’t know if it was just a joke or if she just doesn’t care, but she looked ridiculous! The hair was a mess. The dress was strange. The shoes were mismatched and picked out by her daughter! What was she thinking?

Heidi Klum

She is gorgeous as well but the dress was awful on her! She just looked messy and sloppy with the hair and outfit. Also, I don’t see how this is appropriate for the Golden Globes! Again, glam it up!

Julianne Hough

Wow this list is getting long! Too many bad looks and good looks too! Again, she’s a gorgeous girl, but what was she thinking with that awful neckpiece? It looks like a brace!

Sandra Bullock

For some reason I forgot to include her at first. I cannot believe I’m putting Sandra Bullock on my worst dressed list! I love her so much and she looked amazing last year! Uh, but this year I hated everything about her look. First off, I thought the bangs looked horrible on her. She looked like she was hiding under them, they were so long (maybe she was hiding from Scarlett?). Also, the dress was a mess! What was she thinking? She just looks sloppy, not elegant!

I promise, last addition to the list! I just couldn’t not add her. Another Julianne lands the worst dressed list! I hate everything about this dress, especially the arm! What is that? It swallows her up and looks ridiculous! Also, I really don’t like the hot pink on a redhead. The only thing I like about this is the necklace that looks like it’s part of the dress. Otherwise, what was she thinking?!

Don’t you just love the Globes? What do you think? Do you agree with me or am I completely off base? Who do you think was best and worst dressed? Comment below!


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