Golden Globes, love it or hate it?

Here’s more on the Golden Globes? I already told you my favorites and least favorites, but what about everyone else? These are the ones I just wasn’t sure about!

I know, I know. She’s pregnant and she looks great, but I really don’t love this. Not liking the flower. What do you think? Love or hate?

I normally love Scarlett, but I don’t know how I feel about this one. It just looks a little almost dowdy to me. I don’t know. I also hate her hair. Very Bride of Frankenstein!

I actually really like this dress. I think it’s simple and chic. What I’m not sure about is that brooch on the shoulder and the color for her. I think it washes her out.

Love her on Modern Family! However, I’m just not sure about this. I kind of like it but kind of don’t. It looks a little tight and shiny. Oh no, I remember. I really didn’t like the back!

I really do love Lea, but I can’t make up my mind on this one. I like the color, but it just seems like a lot of dress for me. Loved her dress last year though!

So those are my picks! What do you think? Love or hate them? Comment!


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