Perfect Party Dresses: Everything under $100!

Right now, a lot of schools have semi-formals or Valentine’s day dances (can’t believe it’s almost february). Even if you don’t have something right now, you may have a dance or a party (bar mitzvas/bat mitzvas and sweet 16’s go on all year long). Since the holidays are over now, most of your favorite stores have sales on everything, including their dresses. For less expensive options, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Express, Charlotte Russe, and the junior’s department at Target have some of my favorite dresses. If you’re petite, it’s good to know that Urban’s dresses seem to run small. I have ordered several online and they have all (remarkably) fit me great! Their strapless minidresses are especially tiny and are almost too short for my 5’3 frame. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them if you’re taller than me, but they will look great on you if you on the shorter side. Also, they have free returns on all orders, so if something doesn’t fit right, you can return it, no problem. Charlotte Russe and Forever21 have great options as low as $15! If you’re only going to wear a dress once, I wouldn’t recommend spending more than $80 tops. Look no further for cute dresses under $100!

Dresses inspired by Valentine’s Day (to wear to a Valentine’s Day dance):

Fun And Playful Puff Dress
$23 –
Puff dress »

Red Garnet Glamor Dress
$48 –
Garnet dresses »

Mesh Top Dress
$37 –
Charlotte russe dresses » > Reformed Rose Dress
$79 –

Dresses under $50:

Kimchi Blue Gosling Dress
$50 –
Strapless dresses »

Silky Origami Dress
$20 –
Silky dresses »

Ruched Cheetah Print Dress
$22 –
Cheetah dresses »

Floral Lace Shoulder Dress
$28 –
One shoulder dresses »

Hope you found this useful. Believe me, I know how hard it can be to find dresses, especially if you’re tiny. I’ve found that you may have to try tons (and I mean tons!) on before finding that perfect one. Remember too that you can always go to your local tailor or dry cleaner to have a dress altered. I found the perfect dress at Express last year, but the straps were wayyyy too long, so I brought it to a tailer and they altered it and it fit great after.


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