Top 5 Makeup Must Have’s that you don’t know you need

1) Champagne eye pencil

I got the Makeup Forever aqua eyes pencil a few months ago and I love it! You might not think that you need this because you probably just wear dark eyeliner, but this really brightens your eyes. It’s also really creamy and non-irritating. Use it in place of eyeshadow as an inner corner highlight with any eyeshadows, line your waterline with it to wake your eyes up, even highlight your brow bone and cupid’s bow (above your upper lip) with it.

Splurge: Makeup forever aqua eyes for $17 at sephora

Steal: Almay Bright Eyes Due in Soft black/champagne for $8.49 (I haven’t tried this but it got great reviews and is one of the only drugstore dupes for a champagne eye pencil)

2) Pale Pink Lipstick

This one may not be as surprising, but a lot of teens shy away from lipstick because they think it will look unnatural or too “done”. With pale pink, you will look very natural. Apply this straight out of the tube for a more matte and longer lasting look, put it over lip balm  for the look of a tinted balm or stain, apply light pink or clear lip gloss over it for a sheer look. Bonus: Rub some on your cheeks for a longer lasting blush!

My Pick: L’Oreal Color Riche in Pink Lady (drugstores) for $8.95

3) Black Gel liner

You might be afraid of this at first, since you have to apply it with an eyeliner brush, but it’s easier to apply than liquid and longer lasting (lasts just as long as liquid) than pencil. It’s also super versatile! Line your upper lash line, inner rims/waterline and even use some on the tips and inner lashes in place of mascara! You can also line between your upper lashes for a fuller look!

Splurge (my pick): Mac Fluid line in blacktrack for $15 at Mac

Steal: Maybelline gel liner (drugstores)  for $9.99

4) Pigment

This is a loose form of a color that you can apply in different ways. I have the MAC Naked pigment, which is a shimmery nude color that I apply to my lids over an eye shadow base or to my cheeks mixed with a dab of moisturizer. For nude lips, I mix this with clear gloss (you could also mix it with a pink or dark gloss to lighten it up a bit). I’ve even used it as nail polish (just mix it with a bit of clear base coat). The color was gorgeous, but the polish didn’t last very long. I am gonna experiment a little though, because I think I can add more base coat and get a better consistency. I also use this as a highlight (inner corners, brow bone, cupid’s bow). Overall, it’s extremely versatile. I know it’s really expensive at $20, but the amount you get is huge and they are just so versatile.

Mac Pigment in Naked from Mac for $20

I can’t find a cheaper version of this one, sorry!

5) Cheek stain

This one isn’t as versitile, but I feel that it deserves a spot on this list too. There really is no better way to create a natural flush on the cheeks! I got the Tarte cheek stain trio for christmas and I absolutely love them! They feel really moisturizing and last all day! A lot of teens don’t wear blush because they don’t think it’s necessary or don’t think it will look natural on them, but I can assure you that a cheek stain always will. Blush really brightens up your face, especially when you’re pasty in the winter and bronzer won’t always look believable. Blush brings out your cheek bones too and I would say that all you really need on a laid back day is blush, tinted lip balm, and mascara. Bonus: Cheek stains take only a few seconds to apply. Just swipe it on and go, no brushes required.

Splurge: Tarte Cheek Stain for $30 at sephora ( I know this one’s really expenisve, I have a set, which was a lot cheaper but they’re sold out)

Steal: Mark Just Pinched Cheek tint for $8 at (I just ordered this in peachy. I haven’t tried it out but have heard great things.)

Do you already have these “essentials”? What do you think everyone needs to own? I would love to hear from you!



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