Dressing for petites : finding jeans that fit

As many of you may know, I’m only 5’3 and I just grew recently. I have been short my whole life and have trouble fitting into clothes. I’m also only a 00 or 0 at around 105 pounds. I love reading petite fashion blogs (you can find many of them linked in the sidebar) and participating in petite fashion challenges. Especially challenging for petites, is to find jeans that fit well. I often have to try on countless pairs before finally finding the “perfect pair” that fit really well and are flattering. Jeans often are too long and big in different areas. I find that skinny jeans and jeggings (a cross between leggings and jeans) actually fit me best. They tend to run smaller and I like to tuck them into boots, so if the leg is a little long, it doesn’t really matter too much. Skinny jeans are also easier to hem. I think a dark wash pair of skinnies are actually really flattering. They create a long line.

Here are some tips:

-Try on a variety of different sizes and cuts because the same size in a company’s skinny jean might be too big in their boot cut. Sizes also vary from store to store and brand to brand.

-Don’t get a pair that is too low rise or you may end up exposing too much. Also, they will shorten the look of your legs. Go for a pair that sit just above your hips.

-Stretchy jeans and jeggings have a lot of stretch, so the same pair that fit you great in the store may end up sagging by the end of the day (not cute!). To avoid this, get a pair that is a little too tight in the store (only if they have a lot of stretch in them!). Don’t go so tight that they are uncomfortable though. You still want to look appropriate!

-Pick the right pockets! You may not think they matter, but heavily embellished pockets will make your butt look bigger generally. If that is the look you are going for, go right ahead. It might actually be flattering. Same goes for far apart pockets, they make your butt look wide. I prefer a simple unadorned pair.

-Once you do find a flattering pair, try hanging them up to dray (on a rack or even on a hanger) instead of throwing them in the dryer. I used to do this and all of my jeans kept shrinking so much that I had to keep buying new pairs. Save your money!

My favorite stores to buy jeans at:

I wear jeans all the time so it might make sense to splurge on them, but I think you really can find a reasonably priced pair that is just as good.

Here’s where I (mostly) buy my jeans from:

-American Eagle

They have tons of cute options in all different cuts and styles. They fit me really well and are always on sale so you don’t have to pay more than $30 for a stylish pair. I have a dark wash pair of boot cut jeans and a more faded dark pair of jeggings at the moment. I have had their skinny jeans before too and they fit great! I’m thinking of buying another pair.


Gap just revamped their denim line and now has an amazing selection of stylish pairs. They are more expensive though (I think). I love Gap’s jeggings! I have one pair and am going to buy another. They fit so well and really do look like jeans but feel like leggings. You can’t tell the difference between them and my skinny jeans. They are actually more than the American Eagle ones at $69.50, but really are worth it. Look out for sales!

-Banana Republic

Banana Republic also revamped their denim line! They have a great selection of clean, flattering cuts. I only have one pair of their jeans because they are around $90. I actually got them on black friday though so they were only $50. On their website, right now most of the jeans are on sale, so now is a good time to buy. I have a pair of dark skinnies that have a lot of stretch in them so they are actually just as comfortable as my jeggings. I wear them all the time and they fit me great.


I have to admit, I don’t currently own any jeans from Forever21 because I outgrew mine a couple of years ago. It’s always so hard to find things in the store that I don’t end up trying on jeans. Online, they have a great selection, but their return policy is 21 days for an exchange, so it really isn’t great. If you are willing to “hunt” for your jeans or if you shop at the store frequently and don’t mind an exchange, you will find a wide variety of surprisingly quality jeans (their skinnies fit small) for as low as $9.50! That really can’t be beat!

Some jeans to try:

Hope this helped! Where do you buy your jeans?


12 thoughts on “Dressing for petites : finding jeans that fit

  1. I love your post! It’s really original and I haven’t seen it before on other WP beauty blogs. Miss Me jeans are the current obssession right now at my high school. A lot of girls have like 6 or more pairs, but I think it’s a waste of money since people are going to grow. I only have 1 pair because they’re $98 and if I buy more pairs, I’ll probably grow out of them.

    • Thanks! I agree with you on buying expensive jeans. You always seem to have to re-buy them pretty frequently so I don’t think there is much of a point in spending a lot when you can get really cute pairs for cheap.

  2. helpful! I’m not petite- actually really tall and thin- but it’s equally as hard to find jeans for tall, lanky people (:


  3. I had no idea there were blogs specifically designed to address the needs of all of us sweet petites. You’re tall compared to me — by 3 inches — and I share the same 00 or 0 size issues. Are you doing the 30 for 30 Challenge?

    • There are tons lol! I am a “tall” petite I guess but I still have trouble fitting into clothes, especially pants. Oh and I’m doing the 30 for 30 challenge, so excited! (There are piles of clothes on my floor right now, trying to decide!)

  4. Thanks – great post about jeans for small girls!

    I’m also trying to expand my sources on small fashion – I’m your newest follower 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog…follow me at tiny-in-nyc.com!

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