30 for 30: My picks


I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge (see the complete description here), but basically for 30 days you pick 30 items from your closet(including shoes!) to wear. You “remix” these pieces, meaning wear them with different items from the 30 each time to create new outfits. Oh, and you can’t shop for 30 days! The idea is that you will learn to really shop your closet and get the most use out of your purchases, maximizing the cost per ware of each item (eg. if I wear a black boyfriend blazer 40 times and it was $40, it’s just $1 per wear, which is money well spent). Since I’m all about looking great for less, I think Kendi’s challenge is perfect for me. I will be posting each of the 30 outfits (the challenge starts today), but first, here are my 30 items:

10 Tops:

8 Sweaters:

3 Jackets:

2 Skirts:

4 Pants (3 pairs jeans/jeggings, 1 pair leggings):

3 Shoes:

So there they are, my 30 pieces to remix! Wish me luck and check back every day for the next month for each of my outfits!


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