Modern Day Fashion Icons: Dakota and Elle Fanning

Hey everyone,

Guess what? Modern Day Fashion Icons is back! I plan on posting them weekly. To kick it off, I chose sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning. Dakota has been famous for a long time and has mastered a look that’s perfect for her age and is also fashionable. Elle Fanning recently became popular for her role in Somewhere. Her style has recently been featured in several magazines and blogs. She’s an up and coming style star. Both girls are teenagers, so they’re perfect to feature on my teen fashion blog and  both sisters’ looks can be easily copied. Keep reading to find out how:

Dakota Fanning:

Dakota<br /> Elle Fanning:</p> <p><a href=Elle’s style is quirkier than her sister’s. She likes lots of plaid, fun accessories, knee socks, and cool shoes. She’s unique and therefore an emerging icon. Elle also knows how to glam it up for parties though as shown in her black and white mini dress.


Get the look:

Forever21 sleeveless dress
$23 –

Forever21 dress
$18 –

BDG top
$39 –

Forever21 cropped knit cardigan
$23 –

Ribbed socks
$14 –

Forever21 printed skirt
$16 –

Pins and Needles crochet mini skirt
$44 –

$13 –

Forever21 mini skirt
$19 –

Kimchi Blue vintage shoes
$78 –

Cooperative platform sandal
$48 –

Maryjane flat
$16 –
What do you think of these sisters’ style?  Who would you like to be my next Modern Day Fashion Icon? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Modern Day Fashion Icons: Dakota and Elle Fanning

  1. Hey Liz! I was wondering if you could do a post on Hailee Steinfeld’s style because it’s absolutely adorable, as is this post! :]

    Love, Cass

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