Fashion Inspiration: The Girls from Glee

I absolutely love the show Glee, and the fashion that some of the girls wear. I want to show you how to get the look from all of the girls because they all have unique senses of styles. I love doing fashion inspiration posts about movies and T.V. shows, so I thought it would be fun to do a specific show. I would be happy to do more of these so comment below if you would like to see some more shows or movies represented.

I’ve already done a post on my Top 5 Films for Fashion Inspiration. See that post here.

First up: Brittany

It may be a little bit of a surprise that I decided to start with Brittany instead of say Rachel or Quinn, but  I like Brittany’s style best, especially in the last few episodes after she started becoming her school’s “It” Girl. Brittany’s style is eclectic in that it changes every time. Everything she’s been wearing is unexpected and she can morph from preppy Rachel look alike to Ke$ha on stage.

Here dressed as Ke$ha

Performing in plaid with Sue:

With Rachel in matching outfits:

With Rachel in arm bands:

With arm bands and a 70s style floppy hat:

With Artie in a striped top:
In floral leggings:

With Holly and Santana performing landslide:

In a fur trapper hat:

In a 70s style floppy hat and crochet sweater in the hottest color of the season: orange! (Representing 2 trends: 70s and orange!!)

Get the Look:

Just A Cheap Shirt plaid blouse
$35 –

Forever21 sweater
$28 –

Levi s pocket vest
$70 –

$16 –

Pins and Needles straw hat
$29 –

Hue Women’s Fisherman Cable Legwarmers
$14 –

Charlotte Russe – Open Heart Charm Necklace
$6.50 –
…ANd one of her signatures…The Trapper Hat!
Buy this hat for just $6 at Urban outfitters! (Polyvore wouldn’t clip this  for some reason!) here.
Her plaid skirt:
Buy here for $29.99 (only available in sizes M and L).

2 thoughts on “Fashion Inspiration: The Girls from Glee

  1. Glee is one of my favorite shows and I love Brittany’s style too. I like how you took a person from a show that most people watch. i hope you continue with Quinn and Rachel because i like some of their outfits too! I love the blog! its very helpful also. Keep Posting 🙂

    • Thanks so much kel:) I love Glee too! I missed yesterday’s episode but will have to watch it soon to catch up. Maybe there will be some more great outfits. I definitely plan on continuing with Quinn and Rachel. Love both of their style too:)

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