Easy Summer Hair and Makeup Looks to Wear to a Wedding!

Hey everyone,

It was requested that I do a post on hair and makeup for a summer wedding. I thought this was a great idea, since in the summer you don’t usually want to wear a lot of heavy makeup but still want to look pretty and put together. Same goes for your hair. I don’t know about you but who really wants to spend time using hot hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons when its 90 degrees out? Not me! Keep reading and I’ll show you how to look put together for a more formal event (like a wedding or party) while still not spending a lot of time or effort on your look.


1. Slicked back ponytail

You may think ponytails are just for casual days at home or even for just working out in the gym, but you can work a slicked back pony for any party and still look chic.

How to get the look:

1) Let hair air dry until it’s slightly damp.

2) Use a dime sized amount of gel and run it through your hair, focusing on the top part.

3) Pull hair back into a high ponytail using a brush.

4) Secure with an elastic.

5) Add a bit more gel or hairspray to secure the look.

6) Optional: Spend 30 seconds going over the tail of your pony with a flat iron. This will make the look even more sleek.

2. Beachy waves and a twist.

Since it’s summer, you can definitely get away with beachy waves, even at a wedding. Just add a twist in the front and look a bit more pulled together. This look is super quick and simple.

1) After you get out of the shower, let hair air dry until it’s damp.

2) Using a quarter sized amount of scrunching gel (I like the one by herbal essences but any scrunching gel will work fine!), flip your head over and scrunch hair up in loose sections.

3) Keep scrunching until you’ve got the desired waviness.

4) Take a section of hair from the front (about an inch thick) and twist back away from your face.

5) Secure with 2 crossed bobby pins (I find that this works best).


Bronzed goddess look:

This look is bronzed and pretty and will make you look like you’ve just gotten back from vacation, even if you’ve been inside all day.

1) Apply a bit of powder to your face so you don’t get shiny.

2) Using a contour brush, lightly sweep bronzer from your hairline to your jaw in a 3 shape. Blend carefully so it looks natural! Also, dust a bit of bronzer on your nose, chin, and top of your forehead (where the sun would naturally hit).

3) Optional: Dust a bit of champagne eyeshadow onto your cheekbones for a glowy effect.

4) Eyes: Prime lids with an eyeshadow base.

-Apply a bronze chubby pencil all over your lids.

-Add a bit of champagne powder shadow to your inner corners and under your                      brows.

5) Lips: Slick on a golden gloss.

Bronze Makeup Look


2. No-Makeup Makeup:

This may sound like a contradiction but it really isn’t. When you see pictures of your favorite stars that look like they aren’t wearing any makeup but still look flawless and glowing, they have makeup on! This look is easy and natural: perfect for summer!

Get the look:

1) Apply a bit of powder with a standard blush or powder brush all over. Blend onto your neck if it’s too dark.

2) Apply a rose hued cheek tint to apples.

3) Apply an eye shadow base to lids.

4) Smudge a chocolate hued pencil onto the upper lash line.

5) Add a little smudged liner to the lower lash line.

6) Apply some pink tinted lip balm.


Natural Makeup Look

Hope you all enjoyed this post! What would you like? If you have any requests just leave them in the comments section.

xo Liza


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