Modern Day Fashion Icon: Nicki Minaj

Hey everyone,

I haven’t done a Modern Day Fashion Icon in a while because I couldn’t really think of anyone that I wanted to feature. Today though, I decided to do a post on Nicki Minaj, the rap star who is known for her fearless (and sometimes outrageous) looks. Nicki is definitely not afraid to take a risk, and I admire that. Heck, her hair is different every day!! Even if her outfits are a little to “out there” for everyday, you can definitely look to her for inspiration and wear a toned-down version of the look. Nicki Minaj is one of my favorite singers and I think I’m going to see her and Britney Spears (another one of my favs) in concert. I’m so excited!

Nicki’s Look:

Nicki got to create her own limited edition lipstick for MAC in November!

Here she is in a spread in the New York Times Magazine:)

Nicki loves girly, pink dresses, dramatic gowns, her signature shade of pinkish-purplish lipstick, and killer heels (and multicolor wigs)!

Get the look for less:

Get Nicki Minaj's Look for Less!


ASOS bandeau dress
$81 –

River Island print dress
$74 –

Forever21 tank dress
$23 –

Old navy dress
$15 –

Forever21 knit legging
$4.50 –

Michael Antonio stiletto pumps
$50 –

Liliana platform shoes
$41 –

XOXO strappy shoes
$38 –

Search Results | Piperlime
$70 –


Here’s the link to a video of my favorite song of hers. Click here to see her sing Moment 4 Life!

What do you think of Nicki Minaj’s Style? Comment Below! 


4 thoughts on “Modern Day Fashion Icon: Nicki Minaj

  1. Here’s a couple ideas for your modern day fashion icon: Ashley tisdale, dianna agron, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts. You should also do sample outfits

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