What to bring in your carry on bag!

Hey everyone,

As some of you might know (because of my last post), I just got back from Australia and the flight was about 19 hours (we took three flights to get there). I had never been on a plane for that long but I have been to Europe before and other shorter distances so I thought I might share some tips on what to bring in your carry on bag, since you can’t bring too much stuff. I could also do tips on packing (toiletries, makeup bag, general tips, clothes etc.) because I do travel a fair amount and have learned some tips and tricks along the way. Hope this helps!

What to bring for an overnight flight:

If my flight is a red-eye (meaning that I will be sleeping on the plane overnight), I like to have some essential toiletries with me. I don’t bring all of my usual stuff but these products do come in handy.

1) Crest Wisps

These are mini toothbrushes (with a flosser on the other end) that already have toothpaste and don’t require any water to use. Just brush your teeth as you normally would. This can even be done in your seat!

2) Face Wipes

Instead of washing my face (and bringing a bulky face wash, toner, and moisturizer), I just bring a mini pack of face wipes, which will take off all of my makeup and clean my face without requiring the sink. I hate airplane bathrooms so I try to limit trips to the bathroom as much as possible! They are so cramped and smell bad. Plus, if you have a middle seat or window seat, you may not be able to get out without waking up the stranger sitting next to you who is in a deep sleep. Face wipes are quick and easy.

3) Mini tube of a good moisturizer

A good moisturizer is so important because the plane is really dry and your skin totally drys out in just one flight. Take a small moisturizer so that you can follow the 3 oz rule. Otherwise, risk getting you fav face cream tossed at security.

4) Face spritz

This is not a necessity but can really be refreshing after a long haul flight. I love Mac Fix +, which just came out with a travel friendly version. Evian spritz is also good. Bonus: If you’re going somewhere warm, stash this in your bag to cool down.

5) Lip balm

Since the plane is so dry, your lips will get really cracked and chapped unless you apply lip balm frequently! This is a must.

6) Eye mask and fuzzy socks

These are not necessary but helpful if you are trying to fall asleep. The eye mask will block out all the bright lights and it will be easier to sleep. The socks will keep your feet warm and make you more comfortable. Something else to consider is an over-the-counter sleeping pill like melatonin or Advil PM (make sure your parents are ok with it). They really help me fall asleep on planes!

6) Makeup

This is also optional, but if you want to touch up your makeup before landing, you’ll want to bring a few products in your carry on. I would recommend a pressed powder (instead of liquid foundation, which can be messy), some mascara, eye liner, and maybe some blush (a cream or gel blush would be good since you don’t need to use a brush) and lip gloss. It’s totally up to you though!

What you need in your Carry on!


M·A·C Cosmetics | Tinted Lipglass
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Bathery Luxury Sleep Mask : Target
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What to bring on any flight:

1) Bottle of Water

This one is an absolute necessity! That is unless you want to be stuck for hours on the plane, dying of thirst while waiting for the flight attendant to bring around the cups of water. I normally drink a lot of water, so on the plane without a bottle, I was extremely thirsty. Lesson learned! Make sure you pick up a bottle after security though, or it will be confiscated.

2) Nook, Kindle, or Ipad (or good, old-fashioned books!) 

On my flight to Australia, I could only bring a carry on that weighed 11 pounds or less (because of the program I was traveling with). Since it only weighed like 1 pound, I brought my Nook color, which has books and magazines on it. E-readers are perfect for travel since they are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space. They are expensive though, so if you don’t have one just make sure to bring some good books to keep yourself entertained.

3) Ipod or MP3 player

Load up your Ipod or MP3 player with music, apps (if you have an itouch or iphone), and movies (if you can). This is great for passing time on the plane. I even fell asleep to music on my Ipod on the plane.

4) Magazines

If you have magazine subscriptions, don’t read the magazines for the month you are traveling. Save them for the flight! They will definitely come in handy, especially for takeoff and landing when you can’t use electronics. If you don’t subscribe to magazines, just pick some up in the airport before the flight.

5) Blanket and Travel pillow

I usually bring a thin blanket and travel pillow for a long flight because my travel pillow is much comfier than the one that they give you. I bring a blanket because I’ve heard that they don’t wash the blankets the airline gives you (not sure if this is true but it grosses me out). Also, it can get really cold on the plane and a blanket makes me feel much more comfortable.

What are your carry on essentials? Comment below! 


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