Petite Fashion Challenge #10: Summer to Fall


Hey everyone,

First of all I just wanted to say I’m so glad I was able to host this one. I’ve participated in a few Petite Fashion Challenges before and they were all a lot of fun:) Also, they’re a great way for the petite community to connect. This month, the challenge was to put together a look appropriate for fall using summer pieces like dresses, skirts, shorts, tank tops etc. 

Thanks to all of the bloggers who signed up this month. I can’t wait to see all of your entries!

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Thanks to all of you who participated!

My entry:

First, I took a white sundress…

Then, I added a long cardigan and belted it. I also added a bright scarf and riding boots to make the look more appropriate for fall. Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? 

Fall Version:

Dress: Billabong

Cardigan: Uniqlo

Belt: Jcrew outlet

Scarf: Gap

Boots: Frye

P.S. sorry this post was early (it was supposed to be at 8pm) but we lost our power and wifi from the hurricane so I had to go to Panera to post this!


31 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Challenge #10: Summer to Fall

  1. Absolutely love your look and boots especially – I’ve been looking for a pair of tall brown pull on boots for ages.

  2. Love your fall outfit! I did something quite similar for mine too (summery dress + cardigan) but love the combo you pulled together. Thanks so much for hosting.

  3. Oh wow. I really love your outfit. I was going to use the exact same pieces for this challenge but I ran out of time at the last minute. I am sorry that I didn’t participate. I am still looking forward to see all entries though.

  4. Wow! Thank you for going to Panera to get all this up!!

    You created such a cute outfit! I almost reached for a white dress to go with my Frye boots, too!! 🙂

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  6. Oh! That scarf! I love the pop of color! It’s amazing how throwing a long cardigan over a dress can completely transform it. Great look!

    PS…I signed up a little late (totally thought I had already signed up earlier…doh!) so I think I missed making the list. Can you add Alterations Needed when you get a chance? Thanks! 🙂

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  10. Love the brown boots! I’m a huge sucker for anything brown in the fall. I love the cardi, belt and scarf combo! For me, these are the elements that are the most important to create a classic fall look.

  11. Thanks everyone:) I finally got my internet back so I can check out all of your entries:)
    @Couture Coco I got these last year and I love them! Frye makes the best brown boots.
    @Alterations Needed I know right? I was trying on a bunch of different things and at the last minute, I added a cardigan to the look and all of the sudden it looked a lot more fall like and I love doing a pop of color with neutral looks. Oh and I just added you to the list sorry for the delay.
    @Kerry Just signed you up:) Don’t worry about it. Look forward to seeing your entry.
    @Lor I just updated the link to Toronto Beauty Reviews and added your link to the site. You should definitely wear your summery dress! Little white dresses go with everything:)
    @Cee I love those colors together too. They remind me of fall because they are deep, warm colors.
    @Jenn I am too! I am obsessed with brown for fall, especially brown boots. It’s just the perfect fall color and goes with everything.

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