Luxe Gifts for under $10!

Hey everyone,

The holidays are coming sooner than you think! This year has been flying by and it already feels like Christmas where I am due to the recent snowstorm. I decided to do a post on cute gifts that don’t cost a lot but still feel kind of expensive. It seems like there’s always a ton of people to buy gifts for at the last minute for friends and family. You can get one of these for each of your friends or buy a few smaller things to make a larger gift. I would like to do more installments of holiday gift guides so let me know if that would be helpful.

Here are some great options for under $10!


Luxe Gifts Under $10!


Forever21 wallet
$9.80 –

Forever21 cluster ring
$4.80 –

Forever21 oval ring
$5.80 –

Forever21 bow brooch
$2.50 –

Charlotte Russe bracelet
$4.50 –

Forever21 leaf necklace
$2.80 –

Charlotte Russe diamond glove
$7.50 –

Charlotte Russe hat
$9.50 –

Forever21 knitted shawl
$9.50 –

Forever21 wayfarer shades
$5.80 –

Bows & Dots Nail File Trio
$1.80 –

Charlotte Russe – Cherry Bling Keychain
$6.50 –

Beaded Headwrap
$3.80 –
Hope this helped! Have a fabulous holiday season:)
xoxo Liza

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