The Swinging Sixties: Fashion (Runway,celebway, my way)

Hey everyone,

One of the major trends this season is the sixties look. Personally, the 60s are probably my favorite decade because of the hair, makeup, clothing, and the whole 60s mod vibe. First, I’ll show you looks from the 1960s .

Welcome to the 60s: The ’60s look demonstrated by Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Coddington, and Anna Wintour.

Vogue September 2011 Photoshoot:

This was a 60s inspired shoot in the September 2011 issue of Vogue.

Model: Natalia Vodianova

Photographers: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Stylist/Editor: Grace Coddington


With Mad Men and Pan Am, there’s definitely been a resurgence of sixties style in recent years, especially this season. The sixties look just keeps coming back.

Top to Bottom: Mad Men cast, Betty (Mad Men), Joan (Mad Men), and the Pan Am Stewardesses



How to: Get the Look!

60s Style

ASOS reversible dress
$72 –

Bow dress
$70 –

Jeffrey Campbell dot dress
$48 –

Forever21 sleeveless dress
$20 –

ASOS ruched top
$54 –

Banana Republic knit top
$50 –

Double breasted coat
$55 –

Forever21 lightweight coat
$22 –

Banana Republic cord skirt
$60 –

ASOS tailored skirt
$50 –

Charlotte russe
$50 –

Forever21 sheer hosiery
$7.80 –

What do you think of the 60s look? Could you see yourself wearing it? Also, would you like to see how to do 60s hair and makeup? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “The Swinging Sixties: Fashion (Runway,celebway, my way)

  1. Great flashbacks–and peeks at the present 🙂

    I like the 60s looks, but there are things I like in all eras. I’d definitely wear 60s style because it is so demure and refined and makes me feel ladylike 😉

  2. Thanks so much la professionnelle! I agree, I love how ladylike the 60s are. I do like looks from all decades though (except maybe the 80s!) and am thinking of doing more of these type of posts.

  3. I love the decadence, colours and liberation from the oppressive drudgery of the 50s. The women all look beautiful, happy and free which I don’t seem to see in the faces of young attractive women of today. As a child of the sixties I am especially fond of this era, more so than any other era since

    • @kees Meeuws
      I totally agree with you. Because of all of the social movements and protests of the sixties, women seemed a lot freer. They were’nt afraid to take risks and push boundaries, which was reflected in the fashions of the times. I find it interesting how much social and political climates affect fashion.

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