Cozy Chic: Stay Warm this Winter!

Hey everyone,

I don’t know about you, but it’s freezing here in the Northeast! With one snowstorm already under our belt (back in October), it’s definitely time to pull out the winter clothes. The problem is, when the temperature drops, I always want to crawl back into bed with baggy sweatpants and a GIANT sweatshirt (usually borrowed from my dad or brother) and some fuzzy Uggs. While this look is certainly cozy, it’s not at all cute! Keep reading to find out how to look cute AND still stay warm. 

Look 1: Leggings and Sweater


Cozy Cute look 1


Stripe sweater
$30 –

Frenchi black stirrup legging
$28 –

Bootie boots

$38 –

ALTERNATIVE crochet hat
$24 –

Above: The sweater and leggings are comfy (almost like a modified version of the old sweatpants/sweatshirt) but they are also much more fashion forward. Fair isle is trendy this season, as are furry booties.

Look 2: Skirt and Socks

Cozy Cute Look 2


Forever21 scoop neck top
$16 –

Forever21 mesh skirt
$16 –

Doll socks
$18 –

Western cowgirl boots
$40 –

Forever21 hair bow accessory
$3.50 –

Above: If you want to dress up a little more, try a girly mini skirt and long socks that peek out over a pair of boots. Scrunch down for an undone vibe.

Look 3: Dress with boots

Cozy Cute 3


Velvet Torch retro dress
$48 –

Jack BB Dakota drape jacket
$70 –

Forever21 beaded jewelry
$6.80 –

Above: If you want to wear a dress in the winter, just add tights and these adorable heeled booties! (BTW: They are super comfy to walk in!)

Stay Warm! (If all else fails, just grab a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks…yum!)

xoxo Liza


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