Beauty Inspiration: Adele Someone like you Video

Hey everyone,

I was watching Adele’s “Someone Like You” music video a few days ago and couldn’t get over how very chic and parisian her hair and makeup looked. In video, she wore dark smokey eyes with a loose half-up, half-down look.   It is reminiscent of the classic Brigitte Bardot look. The video is set in Paris and is in black and white. No wonder why I like the song SO much! LOL

Watch Video here.

The singer’s hair is in a voluminous, half up half down style. Don’t worry about making it look too perfect, messy is best for this look!

How to get the Hair:

1) Take top section of hair and backcomb (go under the section and comb upwards to create volume).

2) Spritz under the same section with hairspray.

3) Part hair to the side with comb.

4) Pull top section of hair back and secure with a clip.

5) Gently fluff up the clipped part.


How to: Get the Makeup Look

Adele is wearing smudgy black liner/shadow to create a messy smokey eye. Again, don’t worry if you mess it up, just smudge it out!

1) Apply foundation and concealer as usual.

2) Apply eyeshadow base/primer all over the lids.

3) Line the upper lash line with black kohl pencil (softer and more smudge able than regular eye liner pencil). Draw a thinner liner towards the inner corners and make it thicker as you get towards the outer corners. Then, wing it out. Overall, go thicker than you normally would.

4) Using a Q-tip or your fingers, smudge the liner out so it covers most of the lid and extends past the outer corners.

5) Optional: Go over the liner with matte black eyeshadow so that it stays longer. Smudge this out with a brush or Q-tip.

6) Curl lashes and apply a few coats of black mascara.

7) Apply a nude lipstick/gloss to balance the dark eyes.


Product Picks (Hair and Makeup):


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