How to wear: Holiday Sparkle!

Hey everyone,

So since the holidays are approaching quickly, I decided to do a post on how to wear sparkles, since they remind me of the holidays and are perfect for parties and New Year’s Eve! They can be a little tricky to pull off, but with these tips and picks, you’ll be able to look totally glam in these festive pieces.


1. Pair with black: Sparkles (in any color) look great with black. For example, pair a sequin gold tank with a black motorcycle jacket, leggings, and black booties. It makes the glitter a whole lot more wearable.

2. Pair with classic styles-sparkles can easily look over the top, so make sure to mix them in with classic items like a white button down shirt and a sequin mini or an LBD with crazy sequin heels!

3. For a less formal look, pair a glittery piece with something warm and cozy-like a sequin tank and a chunky open cardigan. You CAN wear that sparkly holiday top to school (or to anything else during the day for that matter)!

4. Stick to just ONE sparkly piece-shoes, bag, skirt, top OR dress (not all at once).

5. For a subtler look, wear sparkly gold nail polish or a sequin headband. You’ll look festive, not tacky!

Get the Look: 10 Fab, Festive Finds under Fifty!

10 Best: Sparkle!

Charlotte Russe sequin dress
$45 –

Forever21 mesh tank top
$23 –

Forever21 sequin top
$30 –

Forever21 sequin blazer
$28 –

Forever21 stiletto heels
$25 –

Stud earrings
$15 –

Banana Republic sparkly hair accessory
$20 –

Sparkle & Shine Nail Polish
$2.80 –

Enjoy! (Oh, and have a great holiday season!!!!!!!!)
xoxo Liza

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