Happy 2012 and My New Year’s Resolutions:

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! This has basically been my first year blogging and it has been great to talk to some of you in the comments and interact. I really couldn’t keep this blog going without all of you, so thank you so much.

So this year, I decided to make some New Year’s Resolutions and am going to try my best to actually keep them. Here they are:

1) Get organized! 

I always get freaked out by all of the clutter in my room, makeup bag, and closet but never seem to be able to stay organized! Today I cleaned out my bookshelf and closet, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Next up, my school stuff!

Some organizational tips:

…for your Makeup bag:

-Throw out all cosmetics and products that are old, filthy, or cracked! They are just taking up space and you really aren’t going to miss them.

-Throw out similar colors. Ex: I had a ton of pink lip glosses so I threw out all of them except a few of my absolute favorites.

-Put together the essentials:

For me that’s clear lip gloss, a pinky nude lipstick, Mac Fix + (for spraying your face after you do all of your makeup to make it look more natural), a highlighter (like Benefit Highbeam), lip balm, pink or peach blush (my favorite is Nars orgasm), foundation, concealer, mascara, and black eyeliner. Oh, and I almost forgot bronzer! I get super pale in the winter.

A few cute makeup bags at different price points:

Adorable Makeup Bags!



2) Save money

This past year, I spent a lot on beauty products and accessories in particular as well as clothes. I really need to cut back a little and only buy what I need (and really want!). I’m going to invest in a few more expensive items that I’ll get a lot of use out of and save on the rest.

Some of my favorite budget friendly sites and stores:

-Forever 21: Ridiculously cheap finds (some great, some not-so great). You have to weed through all of the crap items to find the special pieces.

-H&M: There are also a lot of not-so greats here, but you can also find some amazing pieces. Two of my favorite H&M purchases of all time: A black bondage skirt that I’ve worn to death and a navy blazer that I throw on to add a little polish to any ensemble.

-Modcloth.com: Not everything is cheap but they do have some amazing, one-of a kind feminine pieces that are pretty good quality. Bonus: They have new items every day!

-Hautelook.com: Flash sale site that has a ton of different brands from Gap fit to Tory Burch each day. The downside-they sell out fast and are only there for a couple of days.

-Gilt groupe: Basically the same as hautelook, can be higher end.

-Ruelala: Another flash sale site, similar to hautelook and gilt groupe.


Those are my two big resolutions for 2012! What are your new year’s resolutions? Comment below!

xoxo Liza



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