My Personal Inspirations: What are yours?

Hey everyone,

I had an idea to just talk about some of my inspirations (movies, tv shows, icons , etc.). Basically, my favorites all in one place. I know some of them might sound cliche or overdone but these are really the different things that inspire me to put an outfit together every morning.

First, a few words on my personal style…

I have a more classic, polished sense of style. I’m a little bit preppy-but more Ralph Lauren, prep school preppy (not bright polos, critter pants, and  ribbon belts). Most of my wardrobe is neutral-hued but I do try to play with pops of color a bit (my favorites are red and purple).

...And now, a list of everything that inspires me.

* Breakfast at Tiffany’s

* Umbrellas of Cherbourg

* Marie Antoinette

* 500 days of summer

* Midnight in Paris

* The Devil Wears Prada

* The September Issue

* Clueless

* Sex and the City the Movie

* Gossip Girl

* Sex and the City

* Pretty Little Liars

* Mad Men

* Vogue

* Instyle

* Nylon

* People Style Watch

* Vanity Fair

* The New York Times-style section of course!

* Cupcakes and Cashmere

* Kendi Everyday

* Extra Petite

* Who What Wear

* Chanel

* Hermes

* Jason Wu

* Michael Kors

* Marc Jacobs

* Audrey Hepburn

* Jackie Kennedy

* Grace Kelly

* Coco Chanel

* Katherine Hepburn

* Edie Sedgwick

* Marion Cotillard

* Emma Roberts

* Olivia Palermo

* Lauren Conrad

* Emma Watson

* Blake Lively

* Victoria Beckham

* Kate Middleton and Pippa too!

* Kate Moss




I know this was basically a rambling list, but I hope it was somewhat helpful/interesting to see what I look to for inspiration. What inspires you? Comment Below!









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