Inspiration: Almost Famous, Penny Lane

Hey everyone,

The other day, I saw the movie, “Almost Famous” for the first time (you know the one with Kate Hudson). It was amazing! The movie is about a high school boy who writes for Rolling Stone Magazine and travels with this famous rock band along the way. He meets a young girl named Penny Lane (Hudson), who is a “band-aid”. Her and the other girls tour and hang out with the band members. They wear free, easy clothes that reflect the movie’s 1970s setting. Penny is definitely a free-spirit. She just likes to have fun and not take life too seriously. Anyway, her 70s inspired, boho-chic wardrobe is to die for, especially that shearling coat!

Get her look:

Inspired by... Almost Famous!

Sheer dress
$55 –

Forever 21 top
$30 –

Forever 21 corduroy jacket
$24 –

Forever 21 sleeveless vest
$25 –

Forever 21 sheer top
$25 –

Forever 21 fringe handbag
$50 –

Forever 21 filigree ring
$5.80 –

Round frame sunglasses
$14 –

Hope you liked this!
xoxo Liza


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