How to: The Ladylike Look

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been slacking lately with my blog posts, but with school and everything, I’ve just been really busy. I’m on break for the next week, but after that I will try to get back to posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Anyway, I’ve been logging onto a lot lately to click through all of the runway shows (in case you didn’t already know, it’s New York Fashion week right now!) and have noticed one overlying trend: femininity. Maybe it’s the bleak economic times or maybe we just want to look pretty, but the ladylike look was back…in full force on the Spring and Fall runways. For a trend that has longevity, you can’t get much better. Since the fifties and early sixties, when the look was most prevalent, the classic, girlish look has been cycling in and out of fashion every couple of seasons. That means it may be worth investing in, as you can wear the pieces for years to come. The great thing is, whatever age you are (or budget you have), you can definitely wear this look.


Think back to mid-century America, when times were more innocent, with full flirty skirts and bright, girly colors.

…And Now:


Spring 2012 Louis Vuitton

Get the Look for Less:

What to look for-

-Full Skirts

-Fit and Flare Dresses

-Pastel hues

-Structured Hand Bags


-Little Jackets and Cardigans

How to: Modern Femininity


Bow dress
$57 –

ASOS crochet dress
$72 –

Cherry dress
$45 –

Party top
$81 –

ASOS peplum skirt
$50 –

A line skirt
$48 –

Forever 21 cross body shoulder bag
$20 –

Forever 21 bead chain necklace
$6.80 –

Would you wear this look? Comment below!


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