Museum at F.I.T : Review

Hey everyone,

I went to the Museum at F.I.T. a couple of weeks ago to see the CFDA exhibit, honoring the 50 year anniversary of the organization. The exhibit was curated by Diane Von Furstenberg, who is also involved with the CFDA, which is sponsored by Vogue. CFDA’s goal is primarily to nurture young talent (designers just starting out). The exhibit will be at the museum until April 17th and admission is free.

Above: A section of the A-Z exhibit

Above: The Givenchy dress from the collection

Now, for my thoughts on the exhibit and museum as a whole:

It was my first time visiting the Museum at F.I.T. in New York City and overall, I really enjoyed it. When we first walked in, there was an exhibit called “Fashion A-Z highlights from the Collection of the Museum at FIT” on the top floor of the museum, which is open until May 8th. This was an unexpected and welcome surprise! I actually preferred this exhibit to the CFDA one because it was much more extensive and the clothes were more intricate. Some of my favorite pieces were a long, flapper dress made by Coco Chanel in the 20s, a real treasure as it would still be wearable today, a little black dress made by Givenchy in the 60s, and Christian Dior gowns from the 40s and 50s. I wouldn’t have expected such special pieces in an exhibit. There were so many masterpieces from long ago in the collection. I just kept staring at the clothes, wanting to steal them for myself!

Above: A section of the CFDA exhibit

After the first exhibit, we went downstairs to see the CFDA exhibit. Outside the entrance, there were a few collector-type Barbie Dolls displayed in outfits designed my Diane von Furstenberg and Bob Mackie, for example. These were another unexpected surprise. The actual exhibit was fairly small but held some interesting pieces by American designers such as DVF, Michael Kors, Bill Blass, Halston, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte. They were displayed in a circle around the perimeters of the room. There were also a collection of men’s looks at the end, but these included a complete feather bird suit (LOL!).

This gorgeous Carolina Herrera gown was my favorite from the CFDA exhibit.

While I wouldn’t neccesarily rush to the CFDA exhibit unless you’re extremely interested in American designers, I would absolutely reccomend the A-Z collection exhibit, which was honestly one of my favorite museum exhibits ever. There is also an exhibit called “Youthquake” on 1960s Mod fashion, which lasts until April 7th.

…and just for laughs: the dreaded feather bird suit by Thom Browne:


Have you ever been to the Museum at F.I.T.? If so, what was your experience like? Comment below!

xoxo Liza


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