Modern Day Fashion Icon: Elizabeth Olsen

Hey everyone,

For this week’s Modern Day Fashion Icon, I chose none other than Elizabeth Olsen. Yes, that’s right, she’s the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, mega-celebrities and designers of the Row. Elizabeth recently starred in    the movie, “Martha Marcy May Marlene”, which was well received by critics. While I haven’t seen the movie, I have been focusing on her style, which I really love. Elizabeth is almost like a more polished and sophisticated version of her older sisters. She has a touch of their bohemian flare but is much more put-together and I personally much prefer her clothes to her sisters’.

Get the Look (for a whole lot less!):


Get Elizabeth Olsen's Look for Less!

Fitted dress
$50 –

Forever 21 chiffon shirt
$23 –

Forever 21 sheer chiffon blouse
$14 –

Forever 21 double breasted jacket
$28 –

Pleated skirt
$43 –

Forever 21 shorts
$13 –

Forever 21 flower necklace
$8.80 –

Forever 21 medallion necklace
$6.80 –

Forever 21 beaded jewelry
$5.80 –

Forever 21 ring
$3.80 –

Hope you liked this,


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