Lessons on Timeless Elegance by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

Hey everyone,

While I’ve already done a post on Jacqueline Kennedy’s style (see here), I’ve recently been intrigued by another Kennedy’s wardrobe: Carolyn Bessette, wife of the handsome JFK Jr. In a way, Carolyn and John remind me of JFK and Jackie: young, stylish, and glamorous. Carolyn Bessette worked at Calvin Klein and was always interested in fashion. During Carolyn’s prime, in the late ’90s, minimalism was huge. Carolyn exemplified this style of clean lines, a neutral color palette, and timeless pieces. She was in few words: Simply elegant. Carolyn often wore simple, little black dresses, white button downs, and coats with her buttery blond hair pulled back in a classic chignon and a splash of red lipstick, the only bold color in her look. More than a decade later, after her and her husband’s tragic deaths, Carolyn’s look has endured.

Key Piece #1: A simple black dress in a flattering cut

Camel is always chic.

Left: Another chic LBD, Right: A crisp white button down and black pencil skirt (2 more must haves!)

Sophisticated in classic black pumps and a long, tailored coat.

Black Leather Handbag: check

Black Button down: check

Tailored kakis : check

Timeless watch, sunglasses, and leather belt: check!

The Wedding Dress: A representation of Carolyn’s whole esthetic: tailored, clean, simple, and elegant

Get her Look:

Carolyn Bessette's Simple Elegance

Zara dress
$80 – zara.com

Fancy cocktail dress
$55 – modcloth.com

Zara coat
$169 – zara.com

$80 – zara.com

Zara short pants
$36 – zara.com

Zara shoes
$90 – zara.com

Zara shoes
$80 – zara.com

Zara leather bag
$129 – zara.com

Forever 21 cross body shoulder bag
$30 – forever21.com

Forever 21 jewelry
$4.80 – forever21.com

Forever 21 teardrop earrings
$4.80 – forever21.com

Remember: While part of Carolyn’s elegance and grace came from her beautiful clothes, it was the way she carried herself that really made her chic. Women from any age group, with any budget can learn to hold their heads up high, stand tall, and be well groomed.



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