I’m a high school student. I love fashion, makeup, and magazines. This is a blog for anyone (particularly teens) who love everything fashion or beauty related. I’m petite, so I read petite fashion blogs, but this is for anyone no matter what your height is! I feel like most fashion magazines and blogs are geared towards older girls and are usually expensive. I want everyone to be able to afford the looks in my blog, so most of the pieces I choose are relatively inexpensive. I also wanted to pick pieces from stores that are accessible to people, not random websites that you know nothing about.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Totally. I really hate when you find a blog or fashion magazines like Teen Vogue and all the cute clothes are like WAAAAY behind my budget 😛 And you’re blog is really cute! Check out mine?

      • Thanks! And right? Like seriously they need to start toning down the price tags of the clothes they pick out! Not every girl can afford a Marc Jacobs shirt that’s like $300! heck, I could get a whole lot of cuter stuff around the mall for that price!

  2. I’m soooooo glad to have found this blog !!!
    I may not be 100% fashionable yet , but I did got a few compliments about my wardrobe (lol).

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