NYX Haul and Review

Hey everyone,

So a few weeks ago I posted that NYX cosmetics was having a promotion where 100% of the sales went to Japan. Since I already had been wanting to try some NYX products, this was the perfect opportunity for me to order a bunch of things. Keep reading for pics, swatches, and a review of each product! Oh and NYX products are affordable (similar to drugstore products) so you can try out tons of cool shades and products without breaking the bank.

1) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

Product info:

You can use these chubby pencils as either eye shadow bases (and put powder or cream shadow on top of them) or as an allover eye color. It says you can even use them as eye liner but I would only do that if you want a thick, smudgy line. The white one is also great for a highlight color.


Left to right: Jumbo eye pencils in Pots & Pans, Horse Raddish, French Fries, Oyster, Strawberry Milk, and Milk

These pencils are amazing! As you can see from the swatch they are super pigmented. They’re also really creamy and go on smooth. They last for a while but to make them last even longer, just use an eye primer underneath or an eye shadow over the pencil. These are super fast to apply and you can just use your fingers to smudge. I would highly recommend!

Purchase here for $4.50!

2) NYX Lip Products: Jumbo Lip Pencils, Lipstick, and Lip Liner!

Left to right: Round Lipstick in Femme, Jumbo Lip Pencils in Pink Nude and Pink Brown, and Lipliner Pencil in Tangerine


Sorry for the weird angle/pic I swatched these on my hand!

Top to bottom: Jumbo Lip Pencils in pink brown and nude brown, lipliner pencil in tangerine, and round lipstick in femme

Jumbo Lip Pencils: These seem to be somewhere between a sheer lipstick and lipgloss. They are really creamy and feel moisturizing. Perfect for a low key, everyday look!

Lipliner: This is a typical lipliner pencil that comes in a variety of colors and goes on smooth.

Lipstick: Wow, probably the most moisturizing lipstick I’ve ever tried and at just $4 a pop it really can’t be beat! There are tons of colors and it’s very pigmented. My bright orange really comes out bright orange, just like in the tube.

Purchase Jumbo Lip Pencils here for $4.50.

Purchase Lipliner pencil here for $3.50.

Purchase Round Lipstick here for $4.

3) Single Eye Shadow in Black


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but this is very pigmented and very black. It goes on velvety smooth and comes in tons of colors. It also seems to last all day. I love using this black shadow for an upper lash line eyeliner. I use an angled liner brush (or a flat liner brush, it really doesn’t matter) and just line my lids as close to the lashline as possible. This makes my eyes a lot more defined and makes my lashes look fuller but it so much quicker and easier than pencil or liquid liner. You can also use this as a normal eyeshadow on your lids obviously. It would look great smudged out in a smokey eye.

Purchase here for $5.50.

Let me know if you liked this type of post (haul with swatches). I’m thinking of doing more. Comment below!


2 thoughts on “NYX Haul and Review

  1. wow the swatches look so pigmented! I just did a post on NYX jumbo eye pencil in gold and I really like it

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