Style Guide: The Preppy Look

Hey everyone, so I was thinking it would be cool to do a series of style guides on different types of looks. I chose preppy for the first installment because, I’ll admit I’m a bit preppy myself. I’ve always been interested in the whole lifestyle that goes along with the look, especially in the past. For example, Jackie Kennedy on vacation with her children, dressed in a crisp button down shirt.

So, here’s some photos for inspiration…

                                                                Cher in Clueless

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl

Blair in Gossip Girl

Spencer in Pretty Little Liars

Kate Middleton in a classic, prepster blazer.

Grace Kelly in a crisp button down.

Jackie O at the beach, sporting khakis and a button down.

The Vera Wang Preppy Princess ad.

A Tommy Hilfiger Ad

A look from the Tommy Hilfiger Spring ’12 Collection

The Essentials: -Schoolboy blazers (to add polish)

-Oxford shirts

-Preppy accesories like headbands and scarves

-Khaki Pants or shorts

-Schoolgirl plaid


Get the look:

Get the Look: Preppy!

J Crew long tunic
$74 –

Loose tank top
$53 –

V neck t shirt
$30 –

Long blazer
$85 –

Kate spade
$98 –

J.Crew capri pants
$80 –

Summer skirt
$35 –

J.Crew boat shoes
$98 –

J.Crew leather sandals
$50 –

Tote handbag
$37 –

J Crew chunky bangle
$88 –

Kate spade bangle
$78 –

Kate Spade pearl stud earrings
$48 –

J Crew leather belt
$30 –

Floral hair accessory
$7.99 –

Hope you liked this post. Comment below if you would be interested in seeing more of these guides to different looks like boho, classic, girly, edgy or anything else.
xoxo Liza


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